Capital Equipment Disposition

Our Proven Track Record

For decades, the Reich Brothers have acquired, managed and sold industrial machinery and equipment packages under every imaginable circumstance. That experience, combined with our real estate knowledge and our extensive background as advisers regarding bankruptcy and corporate restructuring, gives us the ability to derive unique disposition strategies for each situation that we encounter.

Custom Built Strategies

We tailor each program to fit our client’s needs and circumstances, offering outright purchase options, minimum cash guaranties with upside sharing arrangements, as well as commission based structures.

The decision about which liquidation methodologies to use, including, private treaty sales, traditional auctions, auctions that occur solely online, or some hybrid approach depends on several factors. As an example, it has been true for some time that most auctions occurring in Europe are conducted entirely online. Time differences and language challenges often mean that foreign buyers are more comfortable with online auctions. The best strategy depends on many factors, including where the strongest markets are for the assets.

The Value of Experience

When necessary, we plug in to a large network of equipment experts, as well as traditional auction companies, in sectors ranging from metalworking and process industries to agriculture, mining & construction. Reich Brothers Decommissioning, LLC is also available when abatement services are required to complete the disposition of certain equipment.

Over the past 25 years we’ve recovered hundreds of millions of asset dollars for our clients with auctions and private treaty sales in Europe and across the United States.

Our experience combined with that of our partners is vast and it all leads to rapidly returning the highest possible value for our clients.

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