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Looking for factory equipment, vehicles or other industrial machines? We typically feature a full lineup of auctions and liquidations where you can bid.

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We offer a range of industrial and manufacturing properties across the United States. If you are seeking commercial real estate, check here.

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A facility nearing the end of its life could become a liability, or an asset. We'll help you plan your project, get the job done and ensure strategic success.

Reich Brothers Holdings, LLC is a single source for efficiently monetizing commercial and industrial assets. As an acquirer of intact manufacturing facilities, decommissioning services provider, and specialty finance lender, we unlock value for clients and manage complex transactions that arise from bankruptcies, plant closures, and restructuring situations.

Our company has served as a trusted advisor and source of liquidity in numerous complicated asset disposition transactions, with clients ranging from bankruptcy estates, the Fortune 500, and independent manufacturers.

Reich Brothers Holdings, LLC, has decades of industrial real estate and equipment experience involving plant acquisitions, industrial auctions, decommissioning, valuation and lending.