Senior Advisor, Reich Brothers Decommissioning


Jim Hall, president of Reich Brothers Decommissioning, has more than 40 years of experience and his involvement includes more than $1 billion of demolition, remediation, and asset recovery industry. From his early days as a laborer through his project management experience, he brings a unique perspective to the challenges inherent in site decommissioning and the demolition of complex facilities and their respective environmental issues.

Prior to joining Reich Brothers, Jim was instrumental in a major reorganization at Northstar Demolition and Remediation, which created the largest specialized, turn-key provider of demolition, environmental remediation, and asset recovery services in the U.S.

Jim began his career working on commercial and industrial demolition projects at D.H. Griffin Companies and Kimmins Industrial Services, where he assisted on urban high-rise implosions, bridge demolitions, decommissioning of steel mills, chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and major fossil fuel power plants. Here Jim refined his skills related to the recycling of salvaged materials for sale and reuse for clients including Fortune 500 companies and mom and pop businesses with assets dating back to the 1940. He later joined Olshan Demolishing Company, where he was a project manager for a range of commercial and industrial demolition projects. There, he expanded his expertise to include the demolition, salvage, and scrap metal business as well as the fine points of safety.