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Unlocking Value in Capital Assets and Real Estate

Reich Brothers Business Solutions, LLC (RBBS) leverages the underlying value of machinery, equipment, and industrial real estate to offer innovative solutions to the financial challenges faced by companies encountering difficulty accessing capital through traditional lending sources.

Our experience and resources enable us to quickly and creatively structure and close credit facilities from $500,000 to $30 million.

The RBBS advantage
  • Terms from 6-60 months
  • No Financial Covenants
  • Flexible Structures
  • Streamlined Underwriting and Closing Process
Lending Programs
  • Asset Based Lending

  • Sale-leasebacks

  • Capital Leases

  • Secured Loans

  • Debtor-in-possession Financing

  • Distressed Debt Purchases

RBBS provides financing for companies in a wide range of industries throughout North America including, agriculture, food/beverage, industrial/manufacturing, construction, energy/mining, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, transportation, and technology. RBBS provides sale-leasebacks, capital leases, term loans, and other structured, secured loans. In addition, we work with banks and other lenders to acquire performing and distressed loans and leases (both individual positions and portfolios) on a secondary basis.

RBBS has helped in a wide range of situations, including Recapitalizations • Lender Refinancing • Plant Expansion • Fixed Asset Replacement • Restructurings • Turnarounds & Workouts • Bankruptcies, Reorganizations & Liquidations • Auction Purchases • Demolition Projects

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Abengoa Bioenergy
Biomass of Kansas, LLC

$3.69 Million

Debtor-in-possession Financing
Heavy Construction Company (Maryland)

$7.0 Million

Capital Lease & Revolving Credit Line
Heavy Construction Company (California)

$17 Million

Capital Lease
Aerospace / Defense Manufacturer (California)

$10.0 Million

Senior Secured Term Loan
Building Products Company (South Carolina)

$2.3 Million

Salke-leaseback Financing
Solar Technology Manufacturer (California)

$6.6 Million

Capital Lease
Manufacturer of Industrial Pumps

$1.8 Million

Capital Lease
Precision Component

$2.1 Million

Secured Loan


High-Tech Materials Manufacturer


Term Loan

$3 Million

Term Loan & Revolving Facility
Demolition, Construction,
Oil Services

$1.2 Million

Secured Loan
Classic Auto Collection

$2.5 Million

Secured Loan
Manufacturer of
Industrial Pumps

$1.75 Million

Capital Lease
Deep Hole Drilling &
CNC Machining


Secured Loan
Heavy Construction


Fluid Pumping

$2.3 Million

Deep Hole Drilling &
CNC Machining

$2.75 Million

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