Timberweld Mfg Equipment

Timberweld Mfg Equipment

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Timberweld Mfg Equipment

Timberweld Manufacturing

Timberweld (Engineered Timber Systems), specializing in manufacture of pre-fabricated trusses, in business since 1957

Plant Machinery

  • Grading Table, Infeed and Outfeed
  • Wagner Continuous Moisture Meter
  • Delmhorst Moisture Meter
  • Turntable Inn Feed Conveyor and Turner
  • Industrial FJ
  • Turntable
  • 2007 Apquip Glue Extruder and Mixing
  • RF Feed chains and Assembly
  • Man Russel RF Tunnell, Trim, Generator
  • 2007 Newman Planer, EPR-18, Helical Heads
  • Stacker Lamination Stacker and Roll Feed
  • Transfer Rolls for Moving Stacked Beams
  • 900′ of Rails & 19 Hoists
  • Unstacker and Extruder Feed
  • SRT Glue Extruder
  • (2) Glue Component Tanks
  • (2) Wilden Air Pumps
  • Outfeed Conveyor, 180′ of Retractable Conveyor
  • (3) Conveyor Hoists
  • Jig Frames, Bolts & Blocks to service 180′ of Jig Floor
  • Buss 60″ Beam Planer
  • (4) Medium Duty Beam Carts
  • (2) Hoists, Rails and Trolleys
  • (4) Hoists, Rails and Rigging
  •  Riggings, Slings, Hooks and Beam Rollers
  • Fezer Line Trolleys and Tracks

  • (5) Fezer Line 600mm and 800mm Saws
  • Fezer Line Horizontal Drill
  • Fezer Line Vertical Drill
  • Ship Saw Line Roll Case and Crowders
  • Ship Saw Line Ship Saw and Power Tilt
  • CB Matricola 2NRT2M 36″ One Sided Sander
  • (2) Heavy Duty Truss Beam Carts
  • Assorted Size and Capacity Saw Horses
  • 1990+ Obrien 8″ Finger Join Tension Tester
  • Gardner Denver ECMQLB 75 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • Joy TA-435B 100 HP Air Compressor
  • Pit Type Truck Scale

Plant Tools & Miscellaneous Equipment

Hundreds of lots of Equipment & Tools: Including Sanders, Mailers, Radial Arm Saws, Cops Saws, Drills, Impact Wrenches, Air Guns, Band Saws, Hand Planers, Flat Planers, Circular Saws, Grinders, Heaters, Delaminators, Selp Dumping Hoppers, Shear Testers, Battery Chargers, Hoggers, Compressors, Welders, Laser Chalk Lines, Routers, Punchers, Threading Machines, Milling Machines, Drill Press, Flaring Tools, Lathes, Welding Tables, Hoists, Torches, Belt & Hand Sanders, Banders, Saw Horses, plus much more too numerous to list.


Real Estate will be sold as a live auction with Miedema Auctioneering, Inc. on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.