Somya, Inc.

Somya, Inc.

Negotiated Sale

Somya, Inc.

Complete Facility for the Manufacture of Herbal Smokes


Cigarette Manufacturing and Packing Equipment

  • Mollins Model MK8SM, Model PA7RO, Model MK16 Fully Automatic Cigarette Manufacturing Line Presently Set to Manufacture 84mm Cigarettes, 10-Unit Soft Pack, Line Can Be Set to Manufacture Various Millimeter Filter or Non-Filter Cigarettes (New 2004)
  • Sasib Model AC2 Tray Unloader (New 2004)
  • Sasib Model Sofs3000 Packer (New 2004)
  • Sasib Model DCA1 Wrapper (New 2004)
  • MTS Model Jasy Box II Boxer / Cartoner (New 2004)
  • MTS Model Arami II Overwrapper (New 2004


Misc. Machinery and Support Equipment

  • Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender
  • 30 HP Abac Model SM30-254 Air Compressor w/ Air Dryer (New 2004)
  • Heidelberg Windmill Die Cutting Press
  • 21″ Triumph Model 5550 Paper Cutter (New 2000)
  • Toyota LP Gas Lift Truck
  • 1 HP Torit Model VS550 Dust Collector
  • Shop and Office Equipment


Machine Information: Set of machines for manufacturing 84mm cigarettes with filter, 10-unit soft packets, 10-packet cartoner, and overwrapper with all necessary accessories (pumps, trays, electric cabinets, air cleaners, etc.)

Reconditioned with new technology such as: PLC Siemens sensor of PNP and NPN type wiht a Omron Proximity detector, Festo pneumatic blocks, Sick sensors, hoses, electric cables, electronic card, Siemens TD200 control panel for the operator, Weg electrical engines with variable speed, Telemechanique relays, positioning encoder, etc.

Most equipment has its technical instruction manual such as: functioning, maintenance, equipment changes, electric, electronic and pneumatic sketch and a CD containing catalog information on spare parts.

Asking Price: $225,000.00 + 15% Buyers Premium