Pacific Steel Casting

Pacific Steel Casting

June & September, 2018

Pacific Steel Casting

Former Pacific Steel Casting

1333 Second Street, Berkeley, Ca. 94710

Major items include…

Two Auction Sales…

(3) 7′ and 8′ Arc Melting Furnaces 2000 and 3125 KVA, Complete No Bake Line 68″ x 68″ with 1500# Mixer, 15,000# Rollover and related, Tinker Omega TOM250 Mixer and Heater, (2) BMM CT6 Molding Machines, (4) BMM CT3 Molding Machines, Hunter 20c Molding Machine, (6) Shalco DSM 3 Shell Molding Machines, B and P 75B Muller with Hartley Controls, Redford HS22 and HS16 Shell Core Machines, Dependable 400 and 200 Shell Core Machines, (2) B and P SF6ca Shell Core Machines, Complete Shell Coating system, Complete Dependable Thermal Reclaim System rated at 2TPH, Shell Pouring and Shakeout System, Over (30) Belt Conveyor, Bucket Elevators, Shakeouts and Oscillating Conveyor, Over 1000’ of Roller Conveyors, Pallet Lines, G/K VM 120 Lump Crusher, (3) Simpson 8 cell Reclaimers, (13) Finishing Cells with Scissor Lifts, Side Drafts and Dust Collectors, Sand Silos, Sand Transporters, (2) Super Sack Unloading Stations, Over (100) Hoists and Cranes Up to 15 ton, (2) Vulcan 1500 Manipulators, Crane Magnets, Complete Sand and Metal Labs, (3) Spectrometers, Inspection and Brinell Testers, (7) Tumblast and Table Type Cleaning Machines, (11) Car Bottom and Box Type Heat Treat Furnaces, Presses, (13) Double End Grinders, ( 11) Fox Single End Snag Grinders, Over (30) Welders, (4) Welding Cells with Saws and Thermal Dynamics PAK45 Plasma Units, Over (14) Air Compressors and Dryers up to 150 hp, Wood Chipping System, Over (25) Dust Collectors, 20,000 and 8,000 amp Magnaflux Units, (4) KRH Magnaflux Units, Complete Wood and Metal Pattern Shop, (3) Complete Maintenance Departments, Rolling Stock, Air Tools, Electric Tools, and lots more.


In association with FL Sales and United Asset Sales

Sale #2:

Contents of plant #2 and any remaining items (inspection, shipping and rolling stock, etc.)

Online Auction Closing Sept 11 at 9:00 am PDT
Inspection: by Appointment

Sale #1:

Contents of plant #1 and most of plant #3

Online Auction Closed Thurs, June 14 at 9:00 am PDT
Inspection: June 11, 12, 13