Company Overview

Reich Brothers Holdings, LLC offers a singular point of contact for complex asset dispositions and liquidity enhancements for companies undergoing structural changes. The company has the financial resources to act as principal acquirer and lender, provide decommissioning services, or act as an agent in order to help end-users or financially-challenged entities monetize manufacturing plants, real estate, and capital equipment.

Reich Brothers Holdings, LLC’s operating entities work in unison to simplify the process of monetizing under-performing industrial assets.

Core Divisions

Reich Brothers, LLC

Acquires and facilitates the sale of manufacturing facilities through private treaty sales and the auction sale process, using trusted industrial auction companies

Reich Brothers Business Solutions, LLC

Specialty finance lender that utilizes the underlying equity in machinery, equipment, and real estate as collateral for a term loan, or sale-leaseback facility

Reich Brothers Decommissioning, LLC

Decommissioning and demolition services for the seamless disposal and monetization of manufacturing facilities

Company Principals and Chief Executive Officers Jonathan and Adam Reich are former practicing bankruptcy attorneys with extensive experience advising multinational corporations and manufacturers contemplating a strategic change or a liquidity event, such as the sale of a manufacturing facility. The brothers have acquired, managed, and disposed of industrial properties, machinery, and equipment for more than 25 years. The Reich Brothers team is dedicated to developing strategies that effectively mitigate the complexities inherent in large multi-faceted transactions.

Reich Brothers’ depth of experience, financial wherewithal, and network of resources is second to none. In partnership with Victory Park Capital — one of the premier alternative finance providers of private debt and equity financing to middle-market companies — Reich Brothers offers an effective value proposition.

 Job Opening

Employer:  Reich Bros, LLC

Job Title:  Real Estate Project Analyst

Job Site:  15 Reservoir Rd., White Plains, NY 10603

Full-Time:  40 hours per week

Job duties:  Conduct acquisition analysis on industrial real estate.  Create investment and financial memorandums of improved and stabilized properties in major U.S. cities to recycle invested capital for redeployment. Responsible for analytic review of all property financial statements, loan portfolios, and targeted project valuation. Analyze real estate pricings, terms, and financing of potential acquisitions.   Provide guidance and determine the best type of loans and finance terms for acquiring targeted real properties. Oversee the flow of cash and financial instruments generated by acquired properties, and establish real estate management accounts for new acquisitions.  Manage acquired properties and process to execute value-added strategies, and for any escalation audit reviews with tenants’ direct financial planning, procurement, and investment of property.  Monitor and prepare closing statements when sale occurs.  Analyze financial statements and projections and advise management about construction costs, property tax liability, budgeting, and insurance coverage as required.

Education Requirement:  Master degree in Business Administration or Accounting.

Experience Requirement:  None.

To Apply, send resume to:

Attn. Ron Schinik
Reich Bros, LLC
15 Reservoir Rd.
White Plains, NY 10603